Our Meaning

A Letter From the CEO:


Our tagline- "Leave your paw print"- speaks to the idea of leaving a lasting impression. From a literal aspect, a paw print is an impression you make on the ground. It’s an impression that reveals a living proof of your legacy. A paw print illustrates that you left something behind on a journey that you embarked on.

 At the heart of our brand, is our mission to help you leave your paw print.

  • We’re an active lifestyle brand that is based on our love for nature and animal life. While promoting your own physical activity, we’re on a mission to spread awareness of our breathtaking nature, and often-overlooked animals that leave their paw prints.

  • Innovation is an essential way to leave a paw print on established industries, like clothing. We emphasized the technological aspect of the production process, through our Tech-Hide technology, to make an impression on the clothes that you wear.

  • Your paw print will be seen more clearly on the trails that are different, and have not been walked on. Our artistic designs are intended to foster that sense of creativity, the willingness to take risks and be different. 

  • A social mission will help you make an impression on others. Others who may not have the same ability to leave their own.

Together, let’s leave our paw print.

Jason Brody

CEO, Brody Paws


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