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Our Core.

Simply put, our mission is to help you leave your paw print. With a love of nature, a passion for individuality, and to foster a lifestyle of activity – we desire to leave our Paw Print in every journey we take.

Everyone has their form of artistic expression: some use cardboard, others use canvas, we use fabric.

Using clothing as a medium to express our values, we reveal our love of animals and nature through the subtle imprints of paws in each design. Whatever the journey is, the paws set a constant reminder to keep on going. Within that framework, we constructed our winter collection to help prevent winter from interfering with your outdoor activity. Whether it’s with your dog, workout-buddy, ski-instructor, or just a friend, we’re here for you. Throw on a jacket, a scarf, a snow cap, and some gloves. Get active, be relentless, be different, be exciting, and always remember to Leave your Paw Print behind. 

Let’s Make a Difference.

Brody Paws is an active lifestyle brand that pairs technology with  functional fabrics to craft superior and creative activewear products. While we make awesome clothing, with tons of personality, Brody Paws is not one track minded. We’re making a difference by donating a portion of every purchase to help fund a caring visit from a therapy animal. Now, as a team, we can leave our paw print. 



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